Lonetree was born out of a desire to create a welcoming place of inspiration, creativity, and community. The intention of Lonetree is not to hew to a prescribed “look” but rather to encourage others to tap into their unique self-expression. “Home” is a place that feels, functions, and looks great while telling a story.

Lonetree owner Michelle Beamer received her M.A. of Interior Design at GW’s Corcoran College of Art and Design. During her thesis research, she discovered an inspiring story which told of traders traveling by boat along the Missouri river to bring their goods to market. As the story goes, the trader knew his arrival to market was imminent once he glimpsed the lone tree on the hill.

There is an excitement in finding new and vintage things, and a great joy in putting a variety of pieces together to create unique and beautiful spaces. At Lonetree, we are thrilled to invite you on this journey and showcase our approach to design. 

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